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Low Rider Shades

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  • Supremes-GoldDigger (With Skull) - $15.99
  • Supremes-Plain Black - $15.99
  • Dayna PLAIN - $15.99
  • Majestic - $15.99
  • Dayna PEARL - $15.99
  • Cutlass-Black - $15.99
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LowRider sunglasses are a one-of-a-kind Chicano-style collection of extraordinary shades.Eyewear designed to fit comfortably yet stylish when cruising in your ride.

Unique Styles

Uniquely lowrider sunglasses reveal the individual personality of an original.With all the Lowrider cars, magazines and models lowrider is very happy to present to you Low rider Shades Lowridering is not just a visual statement but it is a statement of a way of living. To relax, go slow, be proud, and never sell out who you really are.
Note: Here at Low Rider Shades we are updating our site everyday , so if you dont find what you are looking for please sign up for our Mailing list and we will let you know when all our styles are up. For the old school styles please stay tuned they will be up shortly.