Plain OG Loafers-Water Proof

$39.99 USD
Plain OG Loafers-Water Proof

Made by [HOMIE GEAR]
The best Quality of house slippers in the world, it is man made material, made out of the best fabrics.

HOMIE GEAR house slippers are built with a purpose. We look at what is needed for the foot to relax with. Then we design products to meet those challenges. Our footwear delivers proper underfoot support and flexibility to ensure maximum Comfort and Durability all day and all night long. HOMIE BRAND house slippers are made for comfort and to last.

HOMIE GEAR house slippers guarantees you have the right to remain comfortable or your money back GUARENTEED!!
We feel it’s our duty to make the most comfortable house slipper you will ever have to wear.

**NEW LOAFERS WITH MESH LINING, Mesh lining helps reduce moisture buildup, and helps regulate temperature.

++++UP TO SIZE 15